Parish Staff

Our Parish Family invites all to be active and participating members in every aspect of our parish life! We care for each other and we want to worship and serve our Lord and one another. Every family moving into the parish is invited to register at the Rectory. Please introduce yourself to one of the Clergy. If you change your address, please notify us.

Rev. Msgr. Thomas F. Petrillo, Ed. D., Pastor

Fr. Frank J. Prima, Parochial Vicar
Fr. Dominique de Lafforest, Parochial Vicar

Dcn. James A. Brown, Deacon

Deacon Jack Shea, Director of Parish Ministries of Rel. Ed.

Mrs. Nancy Winnis, Parish Manager

Mrs. Fatima deCarvalho-Gianni,
School Principal

Mr. Frank Fano,
Music Director

Mrs. Denise Santos,
 Rectory Office

Mr. Joseph Spina
, Sexton

Mrs. Patricia Howard, Assistant Principal

Mrs. Leslie Moreno, School Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Catherine Avery, Religious Ed. Administrative Assistant

Mr. Jorge Mairena and Mr. Khem Sukhram, Custodians

Ms. Elaine Porter
Mr. John M. Dillon