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"For the second time,at SJP parish, we received the grace of living the 6:30 masses in Advent. The tradition comes to us from Bavaria; little Joseph Ratzinger enjoyed it with his parents at Marktl-am-Inn every year. We too,have made the effort to WAKE UP and WATCH ! Our church offered a lovely sign of the re-awakening as each individual candle added its light to the many others; a beautiful image of our mission as baptized christians,willing to bring the Light of the Good News wherever we happen to be!



Two nieces of mine,as well as of former members of our parish (Frederic and Anne-Sophie de Narp) would like to come to the US and live in an American family,in the spring. As an exchange,two American girls would be welcome to travel to Brittany and spend time with Alexia (15) and Ostiane (12).
Contact their parents,Diane and Philippe de Lafforest :


Come and experience a quiet moment in the Real Presence of Jesus on the altar! Thursdays from 7 pm to Fridays 7pm. A time to relax and let the Lord enter our busy lives and bring us peace.
Into a box at the foot of saint Joseph's statue,you may slip your intentions and thankful prayers. No one but God will read them,and they will be offered at our masses.


"Some 30 parishioners answered the invitation to come to the Rectory, to listen to Nicky Gumble's talk on the subject: 'Who is Jesus?'

We enjoyed a wonderful coffee and dessert, prepared by our little Alpha team.

Keep watching for the next event!"

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Parish Announcements

What is the Emmanuel Community?  

How and when did it begin?   Where is it present in the USA?

Why are so many lives changed by this Community?

Who can belong?

Why do members feel their lives have been transformed?

  Check out the website and discover how and why so many lives are transformed:   http://emmanuelcommunity.com

Join us each Monday at 8:45,
as we pray the Rosary before
the 9 AM Mass.
Join us also on Wednesdays
after the 9am Mass.

 All are welcome.
Tuesday, December 23
commemoration of Saint John of Kęty, Priest

Thursday, December 25
Christmas Day Solemnity

Eurcharistic Adoration From 7pm to Friday 7pm
7:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Friday, December 26
Feast Day
Saint Stephen, the first Martyr Feast - Deacon

Eurcharistic Adoration From 7pm to Friday 7pm
12:00 AM - 7:00 PM