Altar Servers

Welcome to our Altar Server Page

Our 2016-2017 Altar Servers will be spiritually guided by Fr. Frank Prima and Fr. Dominique deLafforest. Our goal this year is to make this a friendly program for both the Altar Server and the Parent.  Altar Servers are an integral part of our liturgical service and inspire a deeper spiritual life through their example of service on the Altar.  Assisting Fr. Frank Prima and Fr. Dominique deLafforest will be Teresa Iscaro and Enza Frazia. Please contact us at with any questions and/or concerns. May the Lord bless you and bless those who serve His Church.

Prayer for the Altar Servers before Mass

            Father in Heaven, 
            through the Eucharist, 
            your Son feeds us with his own Body and Blood.
            I now ask you to give me your help 
            as I serve your priest who is about to celebrate Mass.

            Open my mouth to praise you. 
            Open my ears to hear your word.
            Open my hands to serve you well. 
            Take from my heart all evil and distracting thoughts. 
            Inflame my will that I may serve worthily at your altar.

            O Mary, Mother of Christ, grant me a true spirit of faith, so
            that I may always be faithful to Christ present in the Eucharist.